Nowadays, cold-pressed terminal blocks have been gradually applied in various fields, and they are mainly used in the connection process of the battery and the outside to play the role of transmitting signals and conducting electricity throughout the transmission. There are many options for cold-pressed terminal blocks, so we need to consider a number of factors before choosing the most suitable one.


When selecting the type of cold-pressed terminal block, we must first consider the factors such as wire diameter, current, wiring mode and direction and application, and comprehensively consider a reasonable design plan, which is convenient for later operation and installation. For example, if you are soldering, you should not use cold-pressed terminal blocks that are suitable for winding. The second is to consider the quality of the cold-pressed terminal block. The quality of the cold-pressed terminals on the general market has been identified, but there are still some manufacturers who still have the phenomenon of shoddy, so there will be some products with poor quality.


Our Suzhou Feibo is looking for a cold-pressed terminal block manufacturer with great influence on the brand, and this product is currently only intended for cross-border supply. We do not promote and sell it in China. Therefore, regarding the quality, please rest assured. The cold-pressed terminal block for cross-border supply, Suzhou Feibo is a combination suit type as shown above. There are a variety of cold-pressed terminal blocks in the plastic box, in which the middle wire and the ring are mainly some screw connectors on the car, and those shovel and bullets are required to plug the male and female.


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