Common uses for heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing is used in many applications by many industries. It starts as a larger tube, which shrinks to fit around the different wire and cable components once the heat is applied. It is easy to handle, simple to use, and quick to install.

Heat shrinkable sheathing tube

heat shrinkable sheathing tube with the nature of heat shrinkage, supporting the use of intermediate connection of the tube, is a series of heat shrinkable products, the use rate of higher use rate of heat shrink products. The use of heat-shrinkable products. In general, it is used as the inner shea

About the corrugated pipe

Plastic corrugated pipe has the characteristics of light weight, strong pressure bearing, excellent bending performance, and easy construction.


Wholesale of cold shrinkable cable accessories

Cold-shrinkable cable accessories are one of our company's main products. Like heat-shrinkable tubes and heat-shrinkable cable accessories, wholesale of cold shrinkable cable accessories also meets the needs of the market.

Suzhou Feibo Vietnam Exhibition

Suzhou Feibo Vietnam Exhibition, four-day exhibition, and this article is written to let us know about the exhibition.

2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Tec

Our first participation is the next 2019 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition in July. I will talk about it below.


Cold-pressed terminal block

There are many options for cold-pressed terminal blocks, so we need to consider a number of factors before choosing the most suitable one.

Heat shrinkable tube production equipment

At present, the heat shrinkable tube production equipment​ has been waiting for commissioning and testing in the production workshop, not far from formal use.


LOW VOLTAGE CABLE INTERMEDIATE CONNECTOR is widely used for the intermediate connection of cross-linked cables or oil-immersed cables of 10KV and below voltage grades. Compared with the traditional cable accessories, it has the advantages of fast shrinkage, good sealing,small size, light weight

The manufacturers of high voltage heat shrinkable

Today we will talk about the manufacturers of high voltage heat shrinkable tube. Let us first talk about the word "manufacturer", Suzhou Feibo Heat and Cold Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience.

Suzhou Feibo business strategy

Suzhou Feibo business strategy, this is the foundation of a company. Let's talk about it today.

Cold shrink cable accessories industry

In fact, the cold shrink cable accessories industry has developed faster and faster in recent years.

Suzhou Feibo's heat shrinkable tube customization

As a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, Suzhou Feibo Cold and Heat Shrinkable Products Co., Ltd. has a wide range of products for cold and heat shrinkable cable accessories, and Suzhou Feibo also supports ODM and OEM. Now let us talk aboutSuzhou Feibo's heat shrinkable tube customi


Cold shrinkable cable accessory manufacturer

More than a decade ago, cable accessories were hot, and manufacturers of heat and cold shrinkable cable accessories continued to appear. In recent years, the scope of promotion of cold shrinkable cable accessories has become wider and wider. And cold shrinkable products are more profitable than heat


Which brand of heat shrinkable tube is good

Nowadays, production-oriented enterprises pay attention to brand marketing and promotion, and gradually establish their own brand awareness and create brand effect through registered trademarks and product labeling. As long as we buy things, the most common question is "What brand is this?"


Features of Suzhou Feibo

The following article, mainly introduce the features of Suzhou Feibo to our friends, in order to let our friends know and understand Suzhou Feibo better.Suzhou Feibo, the full name of Suzhou Feibo Heat And Cold Shrinkable Products Co.,Ltd., is a manufacturing enterprise located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Pr


Glycerin-free expansion machine

There is a good news to inform customers of our Suzhou Feibo, the glycerin-free expansion machine has entered the factory and is ready for production.

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