10KV cold shrinkable termination kits

There is no doubt that 10kv cold shrinkable termination kits are wonderful products, which deserve to trust.

10kv cold shrinkable termination kits are liquid silicone rubber injection molding in the factory vulcanization molding, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral support components of various cable accessories, on-site installation, these pre-expansion pieces in the processing of the cable End or joint, out of the internal support of the plastic support bar, press the cable insulation on the composition of the cable accessories. Because it is at room temperature by elastic retraction force, rather than like heat shrinkable cable accessories to use heat to shrink, so commonly known as Cold Shrink Termination Kits.

10KV cold shrinkable termination kit

From the picture ,it’s our normal package,certainly ,The package of heat shrinkable tube can be changed according to your inquiry. 

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1.Inquiry:Every inquiry for heat shrinkable tube should be appreciated and answered in time.
2.Sample:The sample of heat shrinkable tube can be customized for free, you just need to pay for the freight.
3.Price:The price of heat shrinkable tube can be discounted if you order again.
4.Prepare & shipment :These heat shrinkable tube would be prepared after your deposit and confirmation in 7 days.
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